Monday, November 15, 2010

First Post

At work right now, and just decided to start this blog up. Just something to keep me busy. This last weekend was insane. Spud (Nick Espo), Brendon and I went into Boston for the ski and snowboard expo. That sh*t was insane. If you're on the East Coast and in the inustry, you were there. And if you weren't there, your not in the industry. Got to see some serious bosses I haven't seen in a while. I wish I brought my camera but as I find pictures online, I'll post them.

We found Brendon and I on TV at the Loon booth, Das wassup

Spud smelling his armpit after a gruelling indoor basketball match to the entire Space Jam soundtrack. All of those songs are gems.

This week is looking like it should be a good one.
Things to look forward to:
Ceist and Desist - Novermber 26th @ Loon
Rome Pre-jib - December 4th @ Waterville

Here's a video from Mt. Snow last weekend by Paul Osbourne. Gettin that Luda Track. Das Wassup.

Preseason Mount Snow from Paul Osborne on Vimeo.

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